Inventory Management Plugin for WordPress

A lightweight, easy-to-use plugin for WordPress that makes inventory management easier and more efficient. Organize your sales, purchase orders, customers, suppliers and much more with a fast and simple WordPress plugin solution. Automatically integrate WooCommerce products into inventory if needed.


PlainInventory with professional inventory management features provides a cost-effective, accurate and reliable online WordPress solution for companies of all shapes and sizes dealing with online sales, shipment, delivery, purchasing, transfers of inventory items.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and check stock levels in real-time online. Act on low inventory and generate purchase orders to fill your stock.

Purchase & Sale Orders

Easily replenish your inventory levels by ordering more stock. Manage your sales and deliveries.

Customers & Suppliers Info

Keep track of contact information for your suppliers and customers.


Monitor utilization for all your inventory at a glance or focus on specific items.

Premium Features

PlainInventory Pro offers a number of additional nice features!

Inventory Stats

Keep track of total purchases and sales, average cost and price.

Transaction History

Review the changes ever made to a transaction: state update, change of items quantity and price.

Powerful yet Lightweight

Translation ready: completely translate it into your language. Or change the English text just where you need it.

It is a viable alternative to online inventory management services because this WordPress plugin requires no monthly fees. Unlike other sales and purchase orders management tools that are hosted somewhere, we provide a solid inventory system installed on your own WordPress powered website. No need or reason to put your customers, sales and purchase data on somebody else's server.

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